Autosport24 – Circuitguides Visit

Touring Cars at Autosport24
Autosport24 Cars on Display visited Autosport24 to see what was going on at the UK’s premier motorsport show. Fortunately it is the only one, so there is not much competition, which is a good thing.

This year Autosport24 was a little thin on exhibitors. Very few race series, no tyre manufacturers and only a few engineering firms attended. However, if you wanted shirts, models cars, books and baseball hats your luck was in.

On a positive note though, I met a lot of old friends, so as long as you are going to meet people Autosport24 is still relevant. Lots of people I know attended.

Autosport24 with old friends Oulton Park Photographer Shirley Woodhall & Legend racer and Instructor Ray Grimse

Special thanks go to Ray Grimes and Simon Mason from Sim Dynamics for free coaching and tips as well as Sim advice and tea. If you want a proper simulator that is more than for just playing iracing then Simon is worth talking too.

Alpine F1 car at Autosport24
Autosport24 The closest thing we found to F1 presence

The show was quiet in the morning (we went on one of the two trade days) but got much busier in the afternoon. Perhaps the parking fee £18 and Entrance fee £37 put people off.

We did say last year that we would not go this year but went anyway to see if it was worth exhibiting again. I think that perhaps it is worth a visit every couple of years.