MCN Circuit Guide (Bikes)


An essential part of every motorcycle rider’s kitbag.

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Learn to ride ‘The Fast Way Round’ all the UK circuits with the MCN Circuit Guide

  • MCN Circuit Guide now in a brand new paperback edition
  • An easy to flick-through reference guide for major UK circuits
  • Corner by corner guide and analysis of all 16 major UK circuits
  • Overview of 6 minor UK circuits
  • ‘How to get there’
  • Over 500 pages
  • ISBN 1-902204-21-2

Containing comprehensive notes and diagrams on all 21 main UK circuits, this book is invaluable for amateurs and seasoned pros alike. With racing lines, braking points, apexes, gradients, visual markers, difficulty, importance and much more described for every single bend on every single track in the country, there’s no better source of knowledge to help you find those extra seconds.

As well as corner-by-corner riding analysis for each circuit, this guide also contains a host of other useful material for anyone planning a visit to a track, from general information on venue facilities to regional accommodation listings.

The MCN Circuit Guide features:


The Circuit Guide includes all four circuit layouts; International GP, Club, Coastal and National. Includes all the classic corners including Assembly, Church, Corkscrew, Peel, Rocket, Seamans and School.

Brands Hatch

Included in the Circuit Guide is both the National and International circuits, with classic corners like the formidable Paddock Hill Bend, Druid’s Bend, Graham Hill Bend and the tricky Mclaren and Clearways.

Cadwell Park

Fondly dubbed the ‘mini Nurburgring’, this classic Lincolnshire circuit  features classics like Charlies and Coppice corners as well as the challenging The Mountain.

Castle Combe

Whiltshires fantastic track will test you through the demanding Avon Rise and Quarry combination, whilst Camp corner will push you to the limit. Learn the fast way round in the UK Circuit Guide.


A fantastic Yorkshire circuit. With faster than you might expect corners like Clervaux and the Jim Clark Esses as well as the slowest corner in the UK, Hairpin.

Donington Park

Our Circuit Guide features both National and full circuits with the Melbourne Hairpin. Find out how to take those intimidating Craner Curves, avoid the gravel at Redgate and the fast way round Coppice.


Take our Circuit Guide up to Scotland and learn how to go round Scotsman and Arnold Clark corners.

Lydden Hill

The archetypal club-racing venue in Kent.

Mallory Park

A straightforward oval Leicestershire track

Mondello Park

Irelands fantastically friendly and challenging race circuit.

Oulton Park

If you need a Circuit Guide for any UK circuit this is the one. With many demanding corners like Old Hall and Cascades and little run-off this one will really push you. The UK Circuit Guide covers both variations of the this classic circuit.


A truly brilliant circuit that is worth the effort to get to.


The oval circuit. The UK Circuit Guides covers the International, Oval and National circuit layouts.


The home of the British F1 Grand Prix. The UK Circuit Guide includes not only the National, Southern and Grand Prix circuit layouts with classic corners like Lufield and Becketts, but also the less known and recently improved infield circuit Stowe.


Featuring the close to original Snetterton 200 and totally new (well by race track standards) Snetterton 300 circuit layouts. The Bomb Hole is still there and The Circuit Guide will help you find that apex.


There are only six corners, but most of them are really fast, use the Circuit Guide to help maintain your average speed.

Minor Circuits Featured in the MCN Circuit Guide: Bishops Court, Darley Moor, Kirkstown, Nutts Corner, Oliver’s Mount, Three Sisters.